To be one of the leading exporters and manufacturers in the clothing industry.


At RPV, we strive to design, manufacture, and export top of the line garments in basic and fashion wear for children. RPV Exports Pvt. Ltd. is an Export Oriented Unit (EOU). Our specialty lies in knit-to-knit, knit-to-woven, and also in textile fabrics. The age groups we cater to are newborn (0-12 months), infants (12-36 months), toddler (2-8 years), and younger (10-16 years) in both boys’ and girls’ categories.


Started first company catering to domestic market in India


Moved to global markets by starting an export-oriented manufacturing unit


Mrs. Sunita Choubey joins the business


RPV Exports Pvt. Ltd is founded


Received Certificate of Recognition as a “One-Star” Export House from Ministry of Commerce and Govt. of India


Mr. Piyush Choubey joins RPV




Rama Shankar Choubey | Executive Director

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Rama had his humble beginnings as an accountant at a small manufacturing unit that worked in menswear. After gaining the initial experience in the industry, his innate entrepreneurialism pushed him to start his own company. In 1987, he began with catering to the domestic market in India, and in 1994 he decided to shift his efforts towards a global market. He started his first export house in 1994 and after its maturity, he found RPV Exports in October 2012. Within 2 years, he grew the company from scratch to a government recognized “One-Star Export House.” With over 23 years of experience in the export and clothing manufacturing sector, Rama is the leading light at RPV.

Sunita Choubey | Director

Sunita started her career in the business sector in 2008. She did her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Zoology/Animal Biology from Delhi University and then moved to Kolkata for a brighter future. She joined Rama in his previous venture and quickly learned the ropes. In addition, she got a diploma in Export Management as well. Together they have brought RPV to where it is today. Even though her education is based in the sciences, she has proven to be an absolute power-house by administering the production department. By implementing methods to make our workflow smoother, she has reduced turnaround time and synchronized the inter-departmental movements to make for a much more efficient unit.

Piyush Choubey | Director

Our latest addition to the RPV family, Piyush graduated with a B.Sc in Business Administration with an emphasis in Leadership, and Entrepreneurship from Chapman University in Orange, CA. During his time abroad, he has built on his managerial and marketing acumen, and gained valuable leadership and organizational skills. In addition, he worked at a startup as a Marketing intern and then Head of Operations, which allowed him to implement and improve his acquired skills. Along with shadowing the directors, Piyush is utilizing his expertise to implement new production methods, facilitate improved means of communication, reduce friction during interdepartmental coordination, and taking the first step to start our new and improved chapter.



Being adaptable to the requirements is key to being a successful manufacturing unit. Our progressive utilization of resources enable us to focus on frequent changes in style and fashion as per the client’s needs, and make sure that it excels their expectations.


With over 25 years of service in the apparel and garment manufacturing trade, we have professional creatives here to cater to your designing and manufacturing needs, and take your product from idea to fruition


Our fabric sourcing experts have connections to some of Asia’s largest textile manufacturers. This ensures that we will be able to find a high-quality fabric to meet your needs, and allows us to source as much or as little fabric as your project calls for


We have an in-house production capacity of 300,000 pieces per month, which is readily scalable based on the exigencies of the order. This gives us the ability to be flexible according to your customizations, and simultaneously helps us achieving a speedy turnaround time while maintaining product quality.

Our Certifications

Our Partners

Presently, our main market is situated in the Gulf and our clients include RNA Resources Pvt. Ltd. (BabyShop), BMA International (Redtag), Lal’s International, and Lulu Centre, to name a few.