It’s not just the fabrics and designer clothes at RPV, but our people too. It’s their specialist skills and designer perspective that make it possible for us to be a leading Export Oriented Unit (EOU) of eastern India. With our designer’s skills and modern outlook, we’re able to retain the title of the best garment exporters.


We at RPV have a specialist fabric cutting team of high-performance textiles. We are constantly developing new textiles for our clients to meet with the ever-growing needs for extra functionality, performance and added value required from designer fabrics. Our team works at the grass root level of the textile technology using computer-aided design (CAD) technology for cutting the fiber to ensure that our clients benefit from high-quality, cost-effective solutions according to their fabric requirements.


We are experts in coating and combining fabrics for high performance and quality output. We can apply a varied range of coating designed to change and upgrade the performance of our fabrics both using traditional hand printing and modern ways of digital printing. The mixing, coating and testing facilities present in the factories make sure that we achieve not only exceptional levels of quality but also reliable and reproducible output within our very rigid manufacturing processes.


We at RPV, design and manufacture fabrics and textile products which are consumed by a wide range of consumers across the nation. Our designers can cut and stitch complex fabrics to a precise specification to meet your needs. We provide high quality and durable manufacturing output for clients at their own requirements. We use heavy duty, single and multiple-needle sewing machinery with a wide range of stitching varieties including lock stitch, chain stitch and many more.