Being adaptable to the needs of customers is the key to being a successful garment exporter as well as a productive manufacturing unit. Our progressive utilization of resources enables us to focus on frequent changes in style and fashion as per the client’s needs. Our designing process and production output with an added expertise of more than 30 years make us the country's favorite garment exporters.


We work tirelessly on the design work to make sure our designer fabrics always enhance the final output of the garment enhancing both the quality and the durability of the designer cloth. Our multi-equipped team is all accomplished designers with the ability to understand and draw complex designs to enhance the designer clothes and make them appealing.

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With our staff’s energy, enthusiasm, and dedication, the production of the the most technically advanced textiles and fabrics are witnessed here. The combination of machinery and knowledge ensures we’re the best garment exporters of the country and that we always have a product our customers love under an affordable price bracket.

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At RPV, we believe that ethical vision is the key to success. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity no matter where they fall in the hierarchy with a motivating work environment. Our respect for labor, the comfort of flexible timings and better salaries are some of the advantages known in the local market for joining us. We operate our business ethically on the principles of transparency and honesty for growth along with delivering value to our customers thereby creating opportunities for our employees.