Whether creating durable fabrics or designer clothes, we work tirelessly to make sure our textiles always enhance the final output for the clients. The natural colors, textures, and stylish patterns are woven into our designs making them gorgeous, modern and contemporary, leaving a bold impact. Our plan of design goes straight from a computer-aided design to the handloom department. All our fabrics are designed and woven to withstand the test of time.


At the very first level of the design process, a basic concept of the designs is penned down. An initial layout of the design selected by the client is sketched upon a huge piece of cloth to illustrate the basic sketch on the fabrics. This step brings about perfection in the final output. At RPV, we’re continuously developing ways to enhance the values of our fabrics to make them better, lighter, stronger and durable according to the client’s needs.


Patterning is a highly skilled technique which calls for technical ability, sensitivity for design interpretation and a practical understanding of clothing. Pattern making is a bridge function between design and production. At RPV, we place a high value in drafted patterns. At our facility, we are able to work from illustrations to craft hand-drawn production, ready patterns for our clients. These are mandatory before any of our designs are able to go to production.


The creation of a sample of the design is an inevitable step before the production process. With a sample, we can test the fitting of the client’s garment, the shape of it, the fold of the fabric, etc. After we create a sample, we send it back to our clients for them to assess what changes need to be made. This process may require many samples and in the end, clients are left with a garment or product that is made specifically to suit their specifications.

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RPV strives at achieving success through both the satisfaction of our clients as well as the well-being of our labor force. We just don’t deliver stylish fabrics but we deliver trust and satisfaction to our clients and a well-versed work environment for our labor force.

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