1987 - 1993

In 1987, Mr. Rama Choubey initiated the RPV group of companies (formerly known as the SAR group of companies), as his first stepping stone in the export market. He began with catering to the domestic market in India by producing and specializing in a wide range of clothes for children. Having gained prior experience and knowledge by working in small firms, Mr. Rama's entrepreneurship urge drove way for RPV to be born.

1994 - 2000

The SAR group of companies now shifted its focus from catering to the domestic markets to catering to the global markets by establishing an “export-oriented manufacturing unit.” By this time, they already were specialists in manufacturing children's clothes. The company was also rewarded The National Gold Star Award in the year 1999 for its continuous outstanding performance and brilliance in the export sector.

2001 - 2007

In these years, the company grew to become more efficient, reliable and trustworthy over time by engaging and developing healthy customer relations. One such example is RPV’s healthy relationship with the Landmark group of industries with whom they completed 16 years of trust and reliability. With their services expanding overseas, they also gained the trust of two esteemed international organizations named Lulu center and Redtag fulfilling their fashion trends.

2008 - 2012

One of our directors, Mrs. Sunita Choubey joined the business in the year 2008, in order to expand and diversify the business using her skills and experience. In the year 2012, RPV Exports Pvt. Ltd was found marking a year of success in our history of business, the latest modern technologies like Computer Aided Design (CAD), Patterning, Knitting, etc were implemented to enhance the production.

2013 - 2019

The year 2014 marked a year of excellence for RPV when it received a Certificate of Recognition as a “One-Star” Export House from the Ministry of Commerce and the Government of India. The year 2017 marked the entry of one of RPV’s youngest director, Mr. Piyush Choubey into the RPV family. A graduate from California university, he has changed the vision and operations of RPV with his managerial skills and modern outlook. With gaining success in the domestic markets, they now plan to expand internationally.


Rama Shankar Choubey
Executive Director

Executive Director A Bachelors in Commerce, Mr. Rama gained experience right from small clothing firms till forming his own startup. RPV was recognised as a “One-Star Export House” in just two years of its formation in 1987. With an experience of over 23 years, Mr. Rama is still the king of the clothing manufacture sector.

Sunita Choubey

A Master degree holder in zoology plus a diploma holder in Export Management, Mrs. Sunita is the backbone of the RPV family. She combined her dual knowledge of science and exports, into the functioning of the departments, increasing efficiency. Her administration skills and Mr. Rama’s experience made RPV rise since she joined from 2008.

Piyush Choubey

The newest member of our family, Mr. Piyush is a Bachelors in Business Administration from California University. Gaining knowledge about leadership and organizational skills, Mr. Piyush also gained experience interning and then heading operations for a marketing based company. His expertise is implemented for new production methods giving an edge to the RPV family.


RPV aims at distinguishing itself from other garment exporters in the market by its uniqueness and trustworthy services under an affordable price bracket. Choosing RPV won’t be a one-time decision but a healthy relationship between the clients today and in the near future to come.

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A growing number of customers are worried about the fabrics of their clothing being more durable & sustainable without any impact on their health as well as the environment. RPV fabrics are awarded official quality and ecological responsibility certifications

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ISO 9001:2008

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